Case Study

Royal International Worldwide Relocations

Before taking up any relocation services, we prepare a rough draft about the client, their business requirements,  business goals and challenges, Our Approach and Process and what value we give to our client.

Client Profile 

The customer profile will consist following details:

  • Company Name
  • Industry and Location
  • Relocation Location
  • What Solution they are looking out for?

About the Client

This section will consist of details regarding companies’ functional areas, branches, the volume of business, corporate office, which type of company it is and all other details related to the company.

Business requirements

Here we prepare a detailed draft regarding what are the services we plan to take up for our client. The steps that would be taken to meet the overall project deadline. The timings of the relocation, the measures that would be taken to avoid any disturbance of normal life in home, office, corporate office, etc. 

We will also assign an expert team lead to monitor all your relocation needs. The relocation specialist would coordinate all the packing, moving, shipping, unpacking, and installing activities. 

Business Goals and Challenges:

Every relocation service has its own challenges and hitches. Royal International always tries to minimize the challenges with the help of our trained relocation team. We make sure that minimal disruption happens for all the people and employees and that they can continue with their concerned work. The quality and standards we follow in relocation services, make us the best relocation service provider in India. 

Our Approach & Process: 

We conduct relocation in a planned and systematic way. Our approaches include:

  • Full audit of location, and items that need to relocate; packing materials required for each item to protect it properly while transporting, designating the vehicle for the relocation and looking into unpacking and installing the items in the desired location
  • Continuous follow-up with the client and discussing the different possibilities of relocation.
  • Installation and unpacking service
  • Insurance Protection
  • 24*7*365 tracking facility 

Value to Business: 

Royal International always sticks to our mission and vision of providing the best relocation service internationally. We provide value to the client with:

  • On-time relocation service
  • Minimal disturbance on the normal life of clients 
  • Reduce Stress of Relocation 
  • Hassle-free relocation at the best rates.