Fine Art Moving made Simple and Seamless

Royal International is specialized in packing, moving and shipping all types of artworks like paintings, antiques, sculptures, interior decorations, etc, with full care and protection. The task of moving fragile art stuff is really difficult. But don’t worry? We have a separate team of fine arts moving professionals who securely pack your fine art collections, insure them, transport them and take care of all the custom-related formalities for you based on the rules and regulations.Our team uses specialized packing materials and modern tailor-made equipment to ensure that fine art shipping services are done in a hassle-free and seamless way.

We also provide services for exhibitions and museums for moving all kinds of fine arts and antique materials. We are the most trusted fine art moving service provider in India who relocate your valuable paintings, antiques, sculptures and interior decorations safely and securely. 


Royal International offer secured fine art packing and moving services with maximum damage safety. Our fine art moving consultant would visit you and provide all the necessary steps and procedures they will do for the relocation. The steps involved in fine art relocation are:

  • We plan and audit your fine art moving 
  • We pack, ship, store and unpack your fine art possessions 
  • We provide insurance assistance
  • We move your fine art all across the world.
  • Take up single fine art moving to big exhibitions and museums. 

We simplify the fine art end-to-end moving services through our innovative and tailor-made service to safely pack, ship and deliver fine artworks around the world. Our fine art moving services include:

  • Professional packing and shipping of fine art possessions like paintings, sculptures & antiques. 
  • Take up fine art moving of exhibitions and museums 
  • Assist with unpacking, setting up and repacking for exhibitions 
  • On-site support for exhibitions
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Take care of all customs-related formalities 
  • Escort and guard service for the valuable fine art. 
  • Providing International Fine Art Moving Services.


Royal International relocation is your best relocation partner who always puts customers first at every step of the process by providing customized service delivery. We share the passion for taking care of our client’s needs 24/7 and are driven by transparency, teamwork, and innovation. Our core values are, 

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Total Accountability in Service we undertake
  • Building Long-Term Bonds with Clients
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • No Excuses on Service Provided 

Our Relocation Aim

  • We strive to provide our clients with exceptional international relocation experiences.
  • Our goal is to be the best international relocation and mobility service provider.
  • We thrive to make it possible for our clients to fully live the journey of relocation.
  • We aim to make all the relocation processes as smooth as possible for our clients.


  • Delivering high-quality international relocation services to all of our clients’
  • Offering complete door-to-door Relocation services in India for local and international relocation needs.
  • 24*7*365 Relocation services are available. 
  • Create innovative, customized packing and moving solutions for each requirement of the customer. 
  • Safety and hassle-free international relocation service is our top priority.
  • Using the latest technologies and equipment to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective relocation service near you. 


  • Budget-friendly international relocation service provider near you.
  • Skilled and professional staff 
  • Customer-friendly support
  • Customization relocation solutions as per customer needs 
  • Assured transportation with Quick Delivery time
  • Perfection in all packing and moving services 
  • Careful loading and unloading

Our Free Services: 

  • Pre-Move Consultation
  • Customer Relocation Guide
  • 100% Replacement Valuation

Our Add on Service:

  • All-Risk Insurance
  • Secure Storage